To Fulfill A Destiny

To Fulfill A Destiny

One thing I believe in life is destiny. I think that everyone has something in life that they are meant to and supposed to achieve and that at some point that revelation comes to them. But unlike fate (something that happens regardless of choice), it’s up to the individual to decide to fulfill their destiny or not. A door will open, the chance to live and experience the life that is meant to be lived for the individual is ready to go, but it’s up to that person to walk through that door or risk it being closed forever. Perhaps a second, third, or even a fourth opportunity will arise, but it’s still a matter of choice.

For quite sometime now, I’ve known what it is that I’m supposed to do with my life. My revelation came to me several years ago and my own door opened. I walked through that door and for personal reasons, I walked away and I closed the door behind me. But it has always at the back of mind, until in the past few months it has been at the forefront, plaguing me like some bad disease.

So I’ve decided that I can’t just sit idle and let my destiny pass me by. Either I pick up the pieces and do my damnedest to fulfill it right now, or I will the rest of my life regretting it. I don’t want that regret. It’s time to set upon the path that has been laid out before me and do whatever it takes and make whatever sacrifices necessary in order to achieve what needs to be achieved. It will be a difficult road going forward, but I’m ready now and there is no turning back. Destiny… here I come!

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