In early March, Microsoft and Rare began a contest for their upcoming Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive game, Sea of Thieves. The contest requires participants to create a unique and entertaining image or video that would indicate the excitement the participant has for Sea of Thieves. Six winners are to be selected and as the name of the contest itself implies, each of those winners will be among the very first people to play Sea of Thieves, in an all expense paid trip to Rare’s headquarters in Twycross, England.

For my own personal entry, I created a character dubbed ‘Captain Durock’, a fish eating, treasure seeking pirate of the high seas who is willing to do “desperate things” for a chance to be the first play Sea of Thieves. I purchased the pirate costume and props that you’ll see in the video from a shop on Hollywood Blvd’s ‘Walk of Fame’. The majority of the video was shot in doors in my dining room whilst the rest was shot at two different locations: one in a grocery store parking lot and the other at the ocean in Long Beach. Everything went fairly smooth, minus one mishap in the ocean shoot that actually played to the favor of the scene, ironically enough!

So without further ado, meet Captain Durock and witness the “desperate things” he’d do to be the first to play Rare’s Sea of Thieves!

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