Movie Of The Week- Disney & Pixar’s Inside Out

Movie Of The Week- Disney & Pixar’s Inside Out


For the last few years, Pixar has been developing movies that tend to have an emotional tug to the heart. From the heart wrenching beginning of Up to the tear jerking ending of Toy Story 3, Pixar has proved they can develop movies that are playful and joyful for kids, yet has just enough of an emotional pull for adults to enjoy them just as equally. Inside Out maintains that same aesthetic by provoking sensitivity from one of mankinds most enduring aspects: memories.

People cherish memories. We all have experiences in life that carries an emotional weight. Some memories make us happy, some make us sad. Others induce anger or frustration and sometimes even fear. Throughout the movie, Pixar does an excellent job of going beyond just relaying to the audience the emotions Riley is experiencing, but successfully managed to engage the viewers with their own thoughts from their own memories.

To a younger crowd, that same aesthetic wouldn’t typically apply. They’re there to watch a fun-filled adventure as the protagonists Joy, Sadness, Fear, and Anger deal with their own emotional distress to get Riley’s life back in order following her move from Minnesota to San Francisco. Pixar doesn’t fail there as there is plenty of action and humor to keep anyone satisfyingly entertained. But its how they captivate a more adult oriented audience that is the true winner here.

To develop a product that engages two different types of audiences on a completely different emotional level is a challenge. Pixar has managed to do that time and time again, proving that they can create something that will appeal to everyone in different ways. Up did it with death and loneliness, Toy Story 3 with saying goodbye, and now Inside Out with memories.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a young child, a young adult or a much older man or woman, Inside Out is a movie that anyone of any age group can enjoy and feel a different emotional attachment based on their own life experiences.

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